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Hi, my name is Hans or Hanz, as some call me. Some of my interests are my model 1972 R4 Furgoneta Sobre-elevada and my 1977 R4 TL, Renault 4 by FASA in general, and any advertisements and brochures about the R4. If you might have any not shown on this site, I would greatly appreciate seeing them, especially any Spanish ones! Just drop me an email.

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Created with Vim and Cygwin (yes it is).

Thanks to Boerammetje for providing information on obscure details, feedback and rare pictures, and for endless discussions, Berend for help with javascript and (X)HTML, Tjitske for French translations, Presidente Cruz and Juanlu from the Spanish Club Clásicos Renault 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 for FASA details, Fernando from Argentina for finding various Argentinian brochures and advertisements, Antonio from France for finding many photo locations and Mikaël for lots of information about the 'essais', Agelos from Greece for the Greek advertisements, Victor, Fernando and João from Portugal for information about Portuguese R4, Michel for allowing me to use his address as 'poste restante' whenever 'no hacemos envios internacionales', Machiel for some nice 'where was it' photos in Saintes Maries de la Mer, and finally Dick for contaminating me with the R4 virus in the first place.

Most information on this website is derived from the brochures and advertisements I collected, the Renault garage manuals 'Pièces de Rechange' (PR) and 'Manuel de Reparation' (MR), 'Renault Magazine' and the 'Renault Promotion', Spanish magazines like Velocidad and Autopista, books like the 'Album R4', 'La Renault 4 de mon père' and 'Vierkant Renault 4'. Valuable information about the introduction in August 1961 comes from the Gazoline Hors Series 37, the 'Essais de mise au point' by Louis Buty, and the stories of former Renault dealer 'Gudule' on the French R4-4L forum.

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