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Spot the difference UK

The contents of the 1968 brochure for France and the UK (both versions) are very much the same, except for the photos. In my opinion two cars were used (blue for France, red for the UK), but at least some of the photos were tampered with. The left column shows the French version, the right one the UK.

1968_fr_dashboard 1968_uk_dashboard

The dashboard is mirrored, and the same objects were used, mirrored likewise. The text on the packet of cigarettes is readable on the UK verions too (though not on this small image), so the photo was not simply flipped. Note the different colors of the front seat, suggesting that different cars were used.

1968_fr_doll 1968_uk_doll

The same doll, different color car and seat.

1967_fr_roof 1968_uk_roof
1968_fr_roof 1968_uk_roof

The upper left photo, showing a Parisienne with open roof, comes from the French 1967 brochure. Below it is the French 1968 version, much alike but white (hmm, all other car photos in this brochure are blue!) and showing the new gearshift. The right two are from two versions of the English 1968 counterpart. On the upper photo only the color of the interior was changed. On lower photo the steering wheel is on the right hand side, but the dashboard is not mirrored, which is given away by the location of the glove compartment. Also the cabin light is still on the left. This must be the same car.

1968_fr_scarf 1968_uk_scarf

The blue and red cars again, with the same scarf. Note the absence of the B-style in the French model.

1968_fr_wallet 1968_uk_wallet

This one is a bit puzzling. The opposing directions suggest mirroring of the same photo. This is supported by the fact that both cars are blue (so the French one?). However, the seats for the UK photo are black (the UK model?) and, strangely, the wallet and the lantern appear to be perfectly mirrored - and recolored?

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