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Notices d'utilisation

Each time anything in the design was changed a new Drivers and Maintenance Guide, the 'Notice d'utilisation' (later renamed 'Conduite et Entretien') was published - so nearly every year in practice. Here's pictures of the ones I have laid my hand on. Some are missing, especially onwards from 1985. Apparently, the only thing they have in common is the purple color. Spanish 'manuales' are found here.


1962: NE875 is the first one... apart from the 'ordinary' R1120 it lists the R1121 (R3) which was soon abandoned. A basic cover drawing shows the R4 from the front side. NE896 fits in between NE875 and NE901 numerically, but is related to the Fourgonnette only. Two versions exist: an early one listing the Fourgonnette equivalent of the R3, the R2103, which is apparently unknown to have really existed, and a second one only listing the R2102.


(late) 1962: NE901 also lists the 747cc R1122 (Super) which was followed later by the 845cc R1124. The hand drawn picture of NE875 is replaced by an action photograph of the Super.


1964: NE912. Both the R1121 and R1122 appear to be history, we are left with R1120 and 845cc R1123 (introduced in 1964). The tubular front bumper is replaced by a new model. Alas, we are back at a rather sober cover design. NE941 is a Fourgonnette addition to NE912


1965?: much the same as the previous one, this one has the same number, but the 'conseils importants' are so important that they have been upgraded from arrow to 'F'. This one may therefore be of model year 1965.


1967: a change in style. NE992 shows a picture of the new dash of model year 1967.


1968: NE117 shows the new grille and bumper that come with the 1968-model. Regarding the break in numbering, probably Renault decided against the use of NE-numbers larger than 1000? NE119 is a fourgonnette addition to NE117.


1968: the Spanish language version of the NE133 is almost the same as the NE117, the only difference being that the front page lists, for the first time, the full text 'Renault 4' rather than 'R1120 R1123'. Inside, the use of 'US pints' and 'Imperial pints' as well as a description of sealed beams in relation to the european model leads to the conclusion that this edition was probably meant for the southern US market?


1971: on NE217 the hole in the bumper for cranking up the engine is gone, and, this year, the rubber blocks are out of fashion (another C&E exists with nearly the same cover, which has them). This booklet appears to be for the whole 'Gamme Renault 4'!


1973: NE261. We continue in the seventies with a hand drawn, artists impression of a R4. A new logo appears. (In 1976, NE321 has the same cover but the L and TL versions are introduced.)


1977 with NE349, showing the new rectangular indicator lights. On the back, we see the new 'Renault 4TL' identification.


1978: NE370. So sneaky, nearly the same picture as last year, but the metal air inlet under the windscreen has been replaced by the plastic one common in the last 15 years. The end of times is near!


1979: NE389. For the first time, no picture of an R4 on the front page. By far the ugliest design, showing an R5-door. Why o why?


1980: Again no picture of the R4 on the front page of the NE412 but at least we got rid of the door. A rather boring design.


1983-1985: A new font, but on the NE468 not even the renault logo is shown anymore. The color is probably meant to give you a headache. O, you're no fun anymore!

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