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Advertisements by Renault 1975-1993

This page shows a number of R4 magazine advertisements published by Renault from the period 1975-1993, characterised by the plastic grille.

In the period from about 1975, until the introduction of the GTL in 1978, French advertisements become scarce. An indication of diminished popularity in France? Maybe, although between 1976 and 1993 more than 3 million would be built. An exception is the one reading 'Mettez les voiles', for the Safari, of 1976. Well known slogans from this period like 'Eux aussi la trouvent bien' were launched, as far as I know, on billboards only. The German 'Die Patentlösung' ('the easy answer') is most likely from 1975 or 1976.

Mettez les voiles Gehehmen Sie sich einen Patentlösung

From 1972, the R4 was also produced in former Yugoslavia, in the IMV (Industrija Motornik Vozil) factory in Novo Mesto (now Slovenia). Not only did IMV produce its own brochures, but also advertisements. 'Mali div iz obitelji vozila Renault' is Bosnian, Slovenian or Croatian and means 'A small giant from the Renault vehicle family'. The third one, probably from 1977 or 1978 given the combination of metal air inlet and bicolored rectangular indicator lights, is also from former Yugoslavia but for the Serbian part of the country (note the text in cyrillic and the striking rearview mirror). The right one has the plastic air inlet so it much be even younger, between 1979 and 1981, when the door hinges were changed.

Mali div Renault 4 Mali div Renault 4 Mali div Renault 4 Mali div Renault 4

From november 1975 (model year 1976), an announcement from Spain advertising the new TL: 'an optimistic car, built to simplify life'. What more do you want? And, while we are in in the Spanish speaking part of the world, a nice Colombian one showing the local nickname 'el amigo fiel' (the faithful friend), effective in quality, also from 1975

Un coche optimista Eficaz en calidad

Three more from this period are from Italy (1976 and 1982). The text reads something like 'All one could do if one was as fortunate as to possess an R4', and 'R4. Only 850cc, but with all qualities of a true automobile'. The latest one announces a photo contest celebrating the 5,000,000th R4:

Tutte le qualita tutte le qualita Grande concorso

In 1978 the GTL was introduced. It was advertised by the cartoon 'accroche-toi papa!' (hold on tight daddy!) shown below, by Wolinski (which also appears on the backside of one of the 1978 brochures). The text is something like: (sign) To sea. (woman) Hop in. (hitchhiker) It's a fairy! (hitchhiker) I just had it with that stinking city. (woman) What does this nerd think he's doing? (hitchhiker) Hey! You think you can beat this metal monster with that slug of yours? (woman) Hold on, this happens to be an R4 GTL. (woman) I paid for this car all by myself, with my own hard-earned money. And it's just like me: it kicks ass! (hitchhiker) Hold on, daddy! (driver) Those were the days... (woman) I ain't thirsty. (petrolstation guy) B****! (woman) I think we are nearly there. (hitchhiker) Were you on your way to the coast when you picked me up? (woman) No, but I felt like it when I saw your sign.


In 1981, a publicity campaign included two slogans: 'Une affaire qui tourne' ('a running business', which also refers to the rotation of the globe) shows, how symbolic, a 4L on top op the world. 'Roulez jeunesse' shows an R4 converted into a bumper car. The former was aiming at a rural public of all ages, and the latter at the younger urban audience, as explained in the 'document intérieur exclusivement réservé au Réseau Renault' shown below - disguised as a 45".

document interieur front document interieur back

Une affaire qui tourne Roulez jeunesse

Une affaire qui tourne Roulez jeunesse

During the early 80s, various other now famous slogans like 'Elle supermarche bien' (Jacques Toutain), 'En voiture!' and the famous 'Trait de génie' (Dorothy Flandrin) were used, mostly as billboard ads, but rarely in magazines.

From about the same year another one from the Serbian part of former Yugoslavia, for the GTL, still referred to as 'Mali div' (the small giant):

Mali div GTL

Last but not least two German ones, announcing a contest to be held in 1982 (note that the Italian contest was also in 1982 - certainly celebrating 20 years R4). Five R4 to be won! Of 7368 contributions, the best 70 were published in the 'Renault 4-Gallerie'.

Roy Ellsworth Hart Roodkapje

Almost the latest one I have is a 1986 one from Italy. It appears to be advertising some kind of contest for drivers under 30 years of age, but my Italian is too poor to understand all of it.

Fatti non foste

Definitely the last ones I know of are this one from 1987 from France, announcing the new Clan and Savane. It refers to the R4 being the youngest of legends after 25 years of production, and an Italian one advertising some kind of adventurous rallye, with reference to the 'nuova renault' which is probably the Clan.

La vie dure Verde natura

After about 1987, new brochures were published until the very last year, but I don't know of any magazine advertisements. I think Renault ceased to advertise the 4 in the newspapers and magazines until the Libération series.

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