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Renault Magazine

Renault Magazine is a publication of the Régie that was, in the sixties, issued between two and four times per year. It was published in France only; abroad other magazines like 'Ici Renault' (UK), 'Rombo' (Spain) and 'Renault Revue' (Netherlands) existed.
From 1961 onward, many of the Renault Magazines featured articles about the Renault 4. For the real collectors, here is a list of the Magazines that appeared between 1961 and 1968, and the articles therein relating to the R4. The most interesting ones, I think, are 44 (introduction), 45 (Prenez le volant), 51 (Parisienne), 54 (500,000) and 60 (1,000,000). Magazines more recent than 1968 appear to be harder to find, and contain less interesting information about the R4.
Please also note the 'fait divers' such as the monthly, trimestral or yearly production, and, until 1965, the contents of the 'Nous enfants et nous' section ('Our children and us').

44 (September 1961)

Largely dedicated to the introduction in the Camargue: 20 pages describing the new models, the try-out, the testing in Africa and the USA, assembly etc. Photos on both front and back page. A must have!

Production in August: 307 R3, R4, R4L
Nous enfants et nous: La pédagogie nouvelle en continuelle évolution

45 (December 1961)

Christmas ('Noë') edition. Conditions of insurance (1p), the October Prenez le Volant action in Paris ('Première à Paris, 5p), the introduction of the Super and the Fourgonnette at the Salon de Paris (2p), the 313-gearbox (3p), and the transformation of the Billancourt factory to switch the production from 4CV to 4L (3p). On the back a nice color photo of the Prenez le Volant cars on the Monthléry circuit. Interesting: the Italian ('Natale') and Austrian ('Weihnachten') versions of this issue are both numbered 11 and contain far less pages.

Production in October: 3228 R3, R4, R4L
Nous enfants et nous: Pour et contre la T.V.

46 (April 1962)

Article about two users: a fisherman and a farmer (4p). Photos of the introduction in Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden, Italy, Germany, South Vietnam, Kenya, Cameroun, Niger, Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Mexico and a number of Eastern European countries (6p). Various 4L in use for the Festival de la Neige (3p). Camping with a 4L ('Nous camperons cet été... EN R4L!', 4p).

Production in February: 13,376 R3, R4, R4L
Nous enfants et nous: Le double métier de la femme qui travaille

47 (June 1962)

Pictures of Electricité de France (1p) and LaPoste (3p) Fourgonnettes Vitrée with funny side windows, pictures of 4L in Africa (3p), photos of the paint process (3p). For the first time, the production of the Fourgonnette is mentioned.

Production in April: 17,020 R3, R4, R4L, R4 Super, 2412 Fourgonnettes
Nous enfants et nous: Sport: plein air d'équilibre

48 (October 1962)

Examples of 4L and Fourgonnette publicity. Some information about the Salon de Paris.

Production in August: 19,262 R3, R4, R4L, R4 Super, 2054 Fourgonnettes
Nous enfants et nous: Sport: complément du plein air

49 (December 1962)

Front page shows an harlequin of the Commedia dell'Arte presenting an R4 produced by Alfa Romeo. Production in Sahagun (Mexico) and Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire). Story of and Italian customer telling 'It is indispensable' (4p). Production by Alfa Romeo in Pomigliano d'Arco.(7p).

Production in October: 19,888 R3, R4, R4L, R4 Super, 3469 Fourgonnettes

50 (March 1963)

Story of a customer who uses the Fourgonnette on icy roads ('Sur les chemins de glace', 5p).

Production February: 18,126 R3, R4, R4L, R4 Super, 2977 Fourgonnettes
Nous enfants et nous: Comment organiser nos prochaines vacances

51 (July 1963)

Introduction of the Parisienne (initially a Super), titled 'Madame prend le volant' (6p). Photo of fourgonnettes in use by the Danish postal service.

Production May: 24,208 R4, R4L, R4 Super, 2862 Fourgonnettes
Nous enfants et nous: l'Argent de poche

52 (October 1963)

1964 Models shown on the 1963 Salon de Paris. Chaine de Production Billancourt. Four students who drove 13,000 km in two R4L through the Andes from Buenos Aires to Colombia (8p).

Production July: 24,730 R4, R4L, R4 Super, 3245 Fourgonnettes
Nous enfants et nous: La travail scolaire à la maison

53 (December 1963)

Demonstration of a Sinpar and some more photos at the Salon de Paris.

Production October: 24,296 R4, R4L, R4 Super, 2886 Fourgonnettes
Nous enfants et nous: Des enfants et des livres

54 (March 1964)

Construction of R4 nr 500,000 (5p), test of the security belts (1p), report of the trip Sydney - Paris by two Australians (7p).

Production February: 20,687 R4, R4L, R4 Super, 2584 Fourgonnettes
Nous enfants et nous: l'Enfant et la peur

55 (July 1964)

Largely dedicated to Africa, this Magazine was published in two versions: an extended version with articles about Cameroon, the Central African Republic and Chad, and an abbreviated one. Strange facts: on the front page of the short version the RM number is missing, and inside the regular colofon information about the monthly production and the Régie personnel. Many photos of 4L around but nothing very special about the 4L, save the launch in Argentina (1p) and Spain.

Production June: 15,239 R4, R4L, R4 Super, 2227 Fourgonnettes

56 (September / October 1964)

Again dedicated to Africa. Contains the story of two youngsters traveling from Verdun to Dakar ('Expédition Wasa'), and pictures or various African countries like Côte d'Ivoire and Togo. We learn that in Côte d'Ivoire the Renault 'R4L' and 'R4B' (and Fourgonnette) were produced. Information about 28 Renault Services Fourgonnettes that just came into service. The 1965 gamma.

Production July: 15,483 R4, R4L, R4 Super, 2588 Fourgonnettes

57 (January 1965)

Overview 1945 - 1965. Nothing much except for a nice picture of a Parisienne and a Super.

58 (May 1965)

Nice photo of R4 being transported over the river Seine on board of the vessel Citerna (1p), a story of a trip to Albania by R4 (6p), the fourgonnette Renault 4 vitrée (3p).

Production 1st trimester 1965: 52,598 4, 4L, 4 Super, 10,837 Fourgonettes Renault 4
Nous enfants et nous: Parents! Vos devoirs de vacances

59 (October 1965)

More nice photos of R4 being transported over the river Seine (4p)

Production 2nd trimester 1965: 57,183 Renault 4, 4L, Super and 10,823 Fourgonnettes Renault 4
Nous enfants et nous: La réforme de l'enseignement

60 (January 1966)

A spectacular issue entirely dedidated to 4L no. 1,000,000, a.k.a. 'Project 112'. Photos about the pre-series, the testing, the change of the production from 4CV to 4L in July and August 1961 (after 1,105,547 4CV). Nice photo of the 'Prenez le volant' cars lined up in front of the Eiffel Tower. Examples of publicity in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain (nearly 31,000 4L were assembled in Valladolid between 1962 and November 1966). Photo of the test driving at the Monthéry circuit. Numerous pictures of people who undertook long journeys in a 4L (among them, of course, Les Quatrelles from Terre de Feu to Alaska).

Production 1965: 210,376 Renault 4, 4L, Super and 35,594 Fourgonnettes Renault 4

61 (April 1966)

Nothing except for a photo of a production chain somewhere in Africa.

Production 1st trimester 1966: 65,606 Renault 4, 4L, Super, 12,155 Fourgonnettes Renault 4

62 (October 1966)

Some information about the 1967 models, and an article about the use of the Fourgonnette for the Service de Vacances (3p). On the back a nice photo of an R4 driving around in a circle on a beach.

Production 2nd trimester 1966: 68,668 Renault 4, 4L, Super, 12,610 Fourgonnettes Renault 4

63 (January / February 1967)

Not really worth the trouble except for a nice photo of a snow covered R4 in a showroom.

Production 1966: 258,896 Renault 4, 4L, Super, 44,886 Fourgonnettes Renault 4

64 (June 1967)

Story about the Routes du Monde Expédition to Arabia and Africa (5p). A short piece about the French police driving 1500 R4.

Production 1967:

65 (Octobre 1967)

The new 1968 model with new grille, 4-speed and bumpers ('Et spécialement pour vous, Mesdames, comme pour vous protéger des manoeuvres délicates, la Renault 4 a été doté de nouveaux pare-chocs avant et arrière particulièrement robustes derrière leurs butoirs de caoutchouc') (1p). Very limited information about the 4L being produced in Sahagun, Mexico, since 1962. The Routes du Monde Expédition 'Faune du soleil de minuit' to Lapland (5p).

66 (March 1968)

Some photos about 4L being used as official cars for the Winter Olympics that were held in Grenoble in this year. Story of Les Routes du Monde to Ankara and Konya (6p).

67 (October 1968)

Half a page about the 1969 model, a tragic photo of a crashed R4 in an article about crash testing, a story about the Routes du Monde in Nouristan, forbidden country (actually a province of Afghanistan, 5p), nice photo of accessory fog phares, and a short story about the introduction of the Plein Air coinciding with the opening of the Réserve Africain at Thoiry near Paris ('Vedettes en Plein Air', 2p).


Foreign Renault Magazines are hard to grasp, but here you see examples from the UK, Spain and the Netherlands, named 'Ici Renault', 'Rombo' and 'Renault Revue' respectively (remarkable: two have French names anyway..):

ici_renault_1962 rombo_1968
rr_1962_05 rr_1962_06_07 rr_1962_08 rr_1962_09 rr_1962_10 rr_1963_02 rr_1963_03 rr_1963_04 rr_1963_05 rr_1963_06 rr_1963_07_08 rr_1963_09 rr_1963_10 rr_1964_09 rr_1964_10 rr_1964_11 rr_1964_12 rr_1965_02 rr_1965_04 rr_1965_06 rr_1965_07 rr_1965_09 rr_1966_01 rr_1966_05 rr_1966_08 rr_1967_04 rr_1967_05 rr_1967_06 rr_1970_08 rr_1976_01 rr_1977_04
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