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Of course a collection is never complete. If you have, or know someone who has, one of the brochures or advertisements listed below, please let me know. I am also looking for the dealer logos that came with the introduction booklet for dealers (in fact, I am looking for this entire booklet..). And of course any dealer and press information that has to do with the introduction in 1961.

Any Spanish brochures are very much appreciated. I am especially looking for the berline years 1969 and 1972. For the Furgoneta, I'd be interested in the year 1964 (a small one, and an alternative version of the 1965 one).

Spanish furgonetas:

1964_f_es 1964_f_es

Spanish magazines:

velocidad_063 autopista_269 autopista_382

Introduction berlines:

1962_au 1962_ch 1962_fi

Multiple versions appear to exist of this blue leaflet, differences only visible to the trained eye and visible on the flipside only (with or without ribble). Italian versions exist with differently placed 'Renault 4' text.

1962_af 1963_it 1963_it

Not less urgent: many red and white ones, like the two large Belgian ones, the Belgian one with ribble, the small red Dutch one with ribble. And the Swiss, Slovak, Finnish and large Norwegian ones.

Just as urgent: a Dutch dealer or press book with red '4':

Various berlines:

1963_dk 1963_fr
9999_be_parisienne 1969_mx_costero ? denmark
1965_fr 9999_de_fahren_sehen


1962_dk 1965_f_mx 1970_fr


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