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2024/07/14 Added a new page with nice imagery about the FASA Servicio Vacaciones (holiday service) which was carried out during summer time with 14 furgonetas.

2024/06/04 Added three more photos to the Camargue photos section of the Porte Gardette and the Tour Constance in Aigues Mortes (5880W75), and the Tour Carbonnière (5877W75).

2024/05/10 Added some old pictures from the 1958 Auto Journals to the Introduction page.

2024/03/11 Restyled the Postcards page, making selections per Comunidad easier.

2024/02/18 Two new photo locations: the cover photo of Renault Revue 1970-8 in Montmartre, and Revue 1973-4 on the crossing of the Amstel river and the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam.

2024/01/29 Obtained a nice document on the Spring 1981 advertising campaign which used the slogans 'Une affaire qui tourne' and 'Roulez jeunesse'.

2023/10/03 Added a page showing all Camargue and Sonchamp photos known to me.

2023/08/24 Some nice footage about FASA deciding to start building the R4 in April 1962, from Autopista magazine.

2023/06/12 Added a few spots from Renault Magazines 45 and 46 to the Where Was It page, like the estuary of the Odet, the Prenez le Volant at Avenue de l'Opéra in Paris, the Téléphérique Des Houches during the World Alpine Ski Championship in Chamonix, and the Grand Pagoda in Da Lat, Vietnam.

2023/06/08 Found a new Cornélie: Gonzagues est jaloux de ma voiture!

2023/04/24 Two nice FASA Gama brochures from the last year (1990) before fully adopting the French Clan.

2023/04/05 Enlarged the large pop-up-on-click versions of most advertisements in the advertisement sections (1961-1967, 1967-1974 and 1975-1992). Enjoy!

2023/03/06 Added a small page on brochures in Spanish that are not FASA, probably of Middle and South America origin.

2022/11/05 Nice FASA pressphotos for the 1975 berline and the 1975, 1977 and 1978 furgonetas.

2022/09/20 A sixth (!) Z 54944 a Minglanilla - and what's more, the Tarancón card can now also be identified as Z 54944 occurrence #7. The license plate is not so clear, but the dent in the hood is strikingly similar to the one seen on the Minglanilla one. A closer inspection of the postcard collection also revealed that Z 46805 is on the cards from Tarazona, Frómista and Los Cerezos, and T 56954 on those from Ribarroja del Ebro, Miami Platja (Veracruz restaurant) and Miami Platja (Montmartre restaurant) , and Riudecanas.

Last but not least, various new Renault Revues from 60s en 70s.

Also new Swedish advertisements from 1968, a Colombian one from 1975, and another brochure from former Yugoslavia.

2022/02/26 Breaking news! I finally found the extremely nice 1973 FASA furgoneta brochure (and also the small furgoneta one for 1979)!

2022/01/22 Added the small french 1975 brochure, a nice small Japanse leaflet from about 1983, and the Austrian 'cabrio' and Italian 'frog' adaptations.

2021/12/13 A couple of changes to the Postales page, and I added a separate page for the postales map.2021/09/19 Some nice new brochures from the more remote countries Finland (1972 and 1975) and former Yugoslavia 1981 - Novo Mesto but entirely in French?

2021/07/15 New postcards from Benavente and Callosa de Ensarria.

2021/05/25 New small Spanish Furgoneta brochures for 1983 and 1984.

2021/04/19 Two nice Belgian ads, probably from about October or November 1961.

2021/04/07 More Z 54944! The fifth (!) occurrence is in Quinto de Ebro.

2021/03/25 A complete new set of 3 furgoneta brochures for 1976!.

2021/03/17 Various new postcards from Andorra, Balaguer, Calamocha, Castellon de la Plana, Cretas, Elda, Haro, Panticosa, Puerto de Alcuda, Riba-roja d'Ebre, Robla, Tarancon, Tarrega, Tremp, Vidreres and Zafra.

2020/12/28 Some nice new 1962 drawing manipulation in the Spot the Difference section.

2020/11/17 Lots of new postcards, like from Barcelona (the first!), Bejar, Berga, Cadaqués, Calders, Comillas, Molins de Rei, Salinas, Vich and Viladecans.

2020/11/11 More breaking news: received the bulletin that the dealers received in August 1961 including instructions on what to tell their potential customers.

2020/10/19 Breaking news: received the Vietnamese version of the 1962 blue prospectus, and the Vietnamese black and white Fourgonnette leaflet. Both appear to be very similar to the French versions, but it should be noted that this is the first time I saw the blue prospectus in French with nervure, and the 45.932 code (compared to the far more common 45.900).

2020/10/10 New postcards, especially some from Nafarroa / Navarra: Cretas (TE), Izaba (PA/NA), Pamplona (PA/NA), Dononztebe / Santesteban (PA/NA), San Vicente de la Barquera (C)

2020/09/26 Boerammetje surprised me with the also very rare Belgian and Czechoslovakian versions of the blue introduction leaflets.

2020/07/30 Obtained the extremely rare Dutch version of the 'Stuur Zelf' ('Prenez le Volant') macaron.

2020/07/20 After having spent many many hours with my scanner, I just put the Manuales Piezas de Recambio PR785 (1969, R1123 and R2104) and PR897 (1976, R1125 and R2108), and the Manual Reparación MR196 (1976, R1125 and R2108) online. I hope they prove useful to many FASA R4 enthusiasts!

2020/06/20 A nice 1971 advertisement from Spain: Viva la diferencia - spot the actual differences with the brochure from the same year! More postcards: from Calanda and Landete.

2020/06/09 More postcards! An unbelievable fourth (!) occurrence of Z 54944, now in Fuentes de Ebro (adding to those for Teruel and (twice) Cáceres. Also a second card from Fuente de Cantos showing a 4FS, almost identical to a previous one but with an additional R4!. Further cards from the Puerto Alto de los Leones de Castilla, Teror (first one from Gran Canaria!), Sallent de Gallego, Miami Playa (Restaurante Veracruz and an untraceable bodega), Almunecar (first one from Granada!), Talavera de la Reina and Elvas (on the Portuguese border).

2020/06/04 Added a few nice ones to the Where Was It page: an R4L Super Parisienne at the Place de la Concorde, a Dutch 4 Export in Amsterdam near the old Renault garage, and a Dutch Vitrée, also in Amsterdam.

2020/06/03 Restructured the Berline brochures page a little.

2020/06/02 Found the large red Belgian introduction brochure. Note the subtle difference with the Dutch one!

2020/05/30 Some new berline and fourgonnette press photos.

2020/05/20 Coche optimista!

2020/04/06 Have a look at the Furgoneta guys from 1966-1970 in the Spot the Difference section.

2020/03/15 New postcards from Toro, Tarragona (a bodega and the restaurant Montmarte), the Plaza Costa del Sol in Torremolinos, the Plaza de Toros in Valencia, Fuente de Cantos, and Elvas in Portugal.

2020/03/01 Obtained the large red introduction brochure in Danish.

2020/01/22 Added a Spanish advertisement for 'El Nuevo Renault 4L' from 1962.

2020/01/03 Added the Dutch 1963 brochure - nearly identical to the Belgian one, the only differences being the country codes and the references to Renault Nederland in Amsterdam, and Renault België in Haren.

2019/12/22 Found what I think must be the Spanish 1969 brochure, very similar to the 1969 one. And two more Yugoslavian advertisements from 1969 and about 1979.

2019/11/09 I always thought that the Spanish 1983 and 1984 Furgoneta brochures could not be told apart except for the brochure code, but I was wrong.

2019/10/26 Reorganised the Renault Revue section, and added some covers kindly provided by Boerammetje.

2019/10/06 Added a PDF of the relevant pages of Renault Magazine 44.

2019/10/05 Added some press clippings about the introduction in the Camargue in August 1961 in the Spanish press to the Fasa Turismo page.

2019/09/30 Added a PDF of the 1961 Dossier Concessionnaire to the 1961 Introduction page.

2019/09/18 Breaking news: the first advertisements from former Yugoslavia here and here, and also some fresh Yugoslavian brochures

2019/09/14 Added a new Confidence de Cornélie advertisement.

2019/09/12 Major restructuring of the 1958-1961 Introduction page: more information about the various pre-series, the dealer introduction, the press campaign, the public introduction and the low fuelpipe entrance.

2019/08/30 Added the Czechoslovakian and Finnish versions of the 'pas de graissage, pas d'eau, juste un peu d'essence' to the Pas de graissage page.

2019/07/27 A slight upgrade of the Conduite et entretien page. Since I always forget myself, I added the type codes.

2019/07/20 Finally updated the Fourgonnette brochures page. It now shows all fourgonnette brochures that I have - except the Spanish ones that are already on the FASA brochure page of course.

2019/06/15 A spectacular new addition to the 'Where was it' section: the location of the Louareux farm shown on the 1961 prospectus, found by good friend Antoine, photographed by Boerammetje and featuring Tjibbe, Marijn, Kim and Antoine. Read all about it in 4L Magazine 66.

2019/06/15 Added a nice new ad from the 'Çga n'arrive qu'à Renault 4' series.

2019/05/20 Fixed a couple or errors on the Dating an R4 page concerning the 1962 hubcabs and the 1965-1971 internal rearview mirror. Thanks Tim!

2019/04/27 Found a Spanish single sheet brochure for 1976, and postcards from Cabeza del Buey and Sestao.

2019/03/30 Added Teruel and Áreu to the Postales. Take the time to pay some attention to the Renaults shown on the Teruel and (twice) Cáceres (Z 54944), the Tarazona and Frómista (Z 46805), and the Santibáñez de la Peña cards (Z 78606). Although the first two pairs are hundreds of kilometers away, the 4L shown, all three from Zaragoza, are the same! All are white specimens, too.

2019/03/14 This must be my lucky year because I also finally obtained the very rare Spanish 1976 furgoneta brochure!

2019/02/11 So glad I finally obtained the very rare Spanish 1973 turismo brochure! It shows remarkable similarities to and differences from the Portuguese 1974 one.

2019/02/09 Added new postcards from the Concatedral Santa Maria Cáceres (actually the same Plaza Santa Maria as on the other card from Cáceres) and also the same Renault 4 (!), Sigüenza and Vallbona de les Monjes.

2019/01/31 By chance, ran into two nice small 1977 Furgoneta brochures - with a Dutch dealer stamp??

2018/12/28 Found a nice Yugoslavian berline brochure dated 1978.

2018/12/26 The Furgoneta will be restored!

2018/12/16 Added postcards from Marbella, Oviedo and Dolores.

2018/11/19 Added the covers and short descriptions of the contents of 31 Dutch Renault Revues. Also added Moral de Calatrava (CR), Dolores (A) and San Vicente de Castellet (B) to the postcards section.

2018/11/05 Found that the Hotel de Ville of Honfleur featured in the 1974 fourgonnette brochure.

2018/10/19 Added some more photos to the 1961 Introduction page and the 1961 Introduction Map.

2018/10/16 Found the location of a nice photo from an advertisement situated on the Spiegelgracht in Amsterdam.

2018/10/12 Added some more photos to the 1961 Introduction Map, on the beach near Stes Maries de la Mer and at the Ferme Louareux.

2018/10/07 Updated the 1961 Introduction page using information from Renault Histoire - thank you Mikaël!

2018/09/30 Added a photo of the Austrian 'Prenez le volant', named 'Probieren Sie selbst'.

2018/09/23 Added a small page devoted to Les confidences de Cornélie.

2018/05/08 Added Ponferrada to the postales pages. And finally obtained the fourth French introduction brochure: now totalling 2 small, 2 large, both with and without the nervure central.

2018/04/12 Finally managed to obtain the 1974 FASA turismo brochure!

2018/04/07 Obtained two more Autopistas of 1964, 268 ('en el banco de prueba de Autopista el nuevo turismo R. 4-L') and 296 ('en noviembre el turismo de lujo R-4 l Super') in november 1964.

2018/03/23 Added photo manipulations in the port of Le Tréport.

2018/03/17 Obtained the 1983 FASA furgoneta brochure and the 1962 Dutch large introduction brochure with ribble.

2018/01/31 Found the original photo locations of one Égdition Spéciale image (the square north of the cathedral of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer) and another Getty introduction photo (the Pont du Mort just west of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer). Check them out on the introduction map!

2018/01/13 Added the two French versions of 1969 Belgian advertisements that I already had in Dutch. And I finally found the location of one of the Getty photos in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to be on the Rue Victor Hugo, very close to the front page photo of the Égdition Spéciale. And, by chance, found out that the British and Australian 1962 slogan ('no greasing') is just a little different from the Canadian one. Finally, added some remarkably similar bearded guys in trunks to the Spot the Difference section - although I am the first to admit they also belong in the What's in the Trunk section!

2018/01/02 Added the small Spanish 1978 brochure.

2017/12/29 Added the Danish 1963 brochure. Skandinavia 1963 now complete!

2017/12/26 Added an example of colour manipulation in the 1978 and 1979 Transporter brochures to the Spot The Difference section, and some graphs illustrating the yearly coding of brochures which differred between berlines and fourgonnettes, and between French and foreign brochures.

2017/12/10 Added some covers of Velocidad Magazine and Autopista to the FASA page.

2017/11/17 Added a few more Sinpar brochures.

2017/11/09 New postcard from Tabernes de Valldigna.

2017/10/26 Added the Danish berline brochures for 1967, 1968, 1972, 1979 and 1980. Not very different from the French examples except 1979, showing a yellow TL instead of the well known red GTL.

2017/10/18 Found the location of the nice 1973 press photo in Le Tréport near Dieppe

2017/09/22 Added postcards from Marbella and Viladecans.

2017/09/18 My good friend Boerammetje got me the extremely rare 1965 FASA Furgoneta brochure!!

2017/09/06 Found the locations of two photos from an Italian introduction brochure in Naples: overlooking the bay and in the harbour, one from a year later in Santa Margherita and one very close to Santa Margherita.

2017/08/11 During a trip to the Pyrenees I luckily found the time to visit the locations of some of my postcards and shoot streetview photos myself: Vielha (Passeig Casteiro), Vielha (Passeig de la Llibertat), Tavascan, Val d'Aran and Esterri d'Aneu.

2017/06/24 Added an overview of the major model changes on the Spanish models. And found the location of one of the photos in the Spanish introduction brochure, in the Calle de Alcalá (in fact very close to the photo on the Plaza de Cibeles that was already known for some time).

2017/06/12 New postcards! Bielsa, Falset, Sant Feliu de Codines, Tabescan (!), Sa Calobra, Zafra. And El Repilado.

2017/06/07 New postcard from Plasencia.

2017/06/03 Added some more nice berline press photos, one peculiar one of the '4 Elles' in Peru for the Where Was It page. Also added a small page for the Fourgonnette press photos.

2017/05/23 Added a nice postcard from Terrades and another one from the Glorieta del Emperador Carlos V in Madrid.

2017/05/13 Added some new press photos.

2017/04/19 Added a nice postcard from Verin and an alternative version of the 1976 German brochure.

2017/04/11 Found a new small Spanish foldout brochure for an unknown year, and the 1981 brochure for Yugoslavia.

2017/03/28 Added two more postcards, from Santander and Ibiza to the postcards. The Ibiza one is remarkably close to the one I already had, even shows a white 4 (again), though a different one. The Restaurant Oliva is still there!

2017/03/16 Finally found the location of the 'Grote School Auto' at the Albert Hahnplantsoen in Amsterdam, as well as the van Nijenrodeweg.

2017/02/27 Added a Search page.

2017/01/11 Thanks to Falolas for finding the challenging locations of the Ibiza and Cuenca postcards.

2016/10/29 Added postcards of Valdemorillo (a very nice 4FS), Don Benito and Zarautz. Still lacking are cards from the provinces of Alava (VI), Albacete (ALB/AB), Ceuta (CE), Ciudad Real (CR), Granada (GR), Guadalajara (GU), Huelva (H), Jaen (J), Lugo (LU), Melilla (ML), Oviedo (O), Salamanca (SA) and Zamora (ZA).

2016/10/19 Added postcards of Zahara de la Sierra and Almeria, and the Danish 1972 football team leaflet.

2016/10/13 Made some adjustments to the brochures page, adding large country versions of the main 1963 and 1964 brochures.

2016/09/28 Added the new Pas de graissage page, showing the famous 'pas de graissage, pas d'eau, juste un peu d'essence' slogan in various languages.

2016/09/08 Quite proud that I finally managed to find the location of the postcard showing the Viajes Med on the former Crta de Cádiz (now Avenida Palma de Mallorca) in Torremolinos on the Postales page.

2016/09/03 Updated the Third party pub page with some new advertisements.

2016/08/24 Added a map showing the 1961 introduction locations and photos in the Camargue, Venice, Paris and many others.

2016/08/07 Added new postcards from Santibáñez de la Peña (two different ones showing the same Super, probably the photographers?) and Jerte. Now 98 postales!

2016/06/29 Updated the front page with some randomized nice advertisements. Use F5 (reload) to see them all!

2016/06/24 Added a short page explaining the brochure numeric codes that can be used to deduct the country of origin.

2016/06/08 Added new postcards from Valencia, Peña Cabarga and Ordesa.

2016/05/24 Added about 20 new postcards.

2016/03/17 Added the 1967 FASA turismo brochure.

2016/03/02 Finally acquired Renault Magazines 60 (1,000,000 4L!), 64 and 66

2016/02/24 Added various new cards (Sanahuja, Graus, Figueras, Tarrega, Betanzos, Fuengirola, Madrid, Lerma, Campanello, Tarazona) to the postales page. Restyled the map icons. See all postales on one page, or detail cut-outs of the cars themselves.

2015/11/25 Added the 1976 1976 FASA turismo brochure.

2015/11/24 Added more 1968-1971 lawnmower pictures.

2015/11/24 Added the spectacular Arabic language version of the 1976 brochure

2015/10/10 Added the spectacular early version NE927 of the first FASA notice d'entretien to the Manuales de conservación page. In contrast to the NE962, this one only shows the R1123 instead of both R1123 and R2104.

2015/10/08 Added some more nice examples of photo manipulation to the Spot the Difference page here, here and here.

2015/10/04 Added a nice view on the Riekermolen in Amsterdam to the Where Is It page.

2015/09/12 Added postcards from Alicante, Almería, Mollo and La Toja to the postales page.

2015/08/14 Added some information to the dating page about changes in battery location and cooling bottles. Added the remarkably different 1978 Italian and French GTL brochures to the Spot the Difference page.

2015/07/15 Added Renault Magazine 56 and the location of the Château de Pinceloup in Sonchamp to the Where Is It page.

2015/07/11 Added the 1964 Autopista magazine 266 announcing the release of the R4 in Spain.

2015/06/10 Added the 1973 NE253 Manual de Conservación. Added a Prenez le Volant picture located at the Rue Sarrette, Paris, to the Where is it section.

2015/05/02 Added a new page for selecting publicity by third parties like Pschitt, Dinky Toys, Europcars etc etc.

2015/05/01 Added cards from Caceres, Madrid (showing yet another Renault 4 Taxi), Morella and Torre del Mar to the Cartas Postales map.

2015/04/11 Made some small additions to the R1125TL page, including a very nice pressphoto.

2015/04/08 Added a new picknick scene from a 1967 Dutch advertisement.

2015/03/08 Added some more advertisements. Now 491! Also added a new page for viewing advertisements by other companies

2015/02/03 Added the nice 1969 FASA furgoneta brochure.

2015/01/21 Added some large pictures to the FASA Manuales de Conservación.

2015/01/10 Updated the FASA page.

2014/11/29 Added cards from Trujillo, Logroñes, Marbella and La Linea de Concepción to the Cartas Postales map. Finally found the location of the Fuengirola card thanks to the Fuengirola Ayuntamiento - almost no building remains! Also in La Línea many changes, but luckily the Okay Pasteleria is still there.

2014/11/12 Added Renault Magazine 58

2014/10/25 Added various small versions of the Spanish catalogues to FASA Brochures section and a postcard from Santa Maria del Paramo to the Cartas Postales.

2014/10/11 Added several tens of brochures of various origin to the Select Brochure section.

2014/10/08 Added about 100 new advertisements of various origin to the Select Pub section.

2014/07/20 Added postcards from Villanueva y Geltró, Borjas Blanca and Caracabuey postales page to the map. Finally found out where the postcard photos of Panticosa and Picos de Escales were taken!

2014/07/14 Added close-up pictures of the cars featured on the postales page to the map.

2014/05/28 Added a page for selling duplicate brochures and advertisements. Added enlargements to the tarjetas postales con Renault 4.

2014/05/14 Added a page about tarjetas postales con Renault 4.

2013/12/27 Added some more pictures to the FASA Manuales de conservación page. Thanks Cruz, Lasz, Juanjo!

2013/12/16 Added two pictures to the FASA Manuales de conservación page.

2013/12/03 Some restyling of the Conduite et entretien page. I found that I own enough FASA 'Manuales de conservación' to justify a new page.

2013/11/25 Added pictures from the PR to the How Old Is.. section.

2013/11/06 Added a remarkable photo reshoot to the Spot The Difference section.

2013/11/06 Added a picknick scene from a 1964 Dutch advertisement

2013/08/18 Did some code cleaning in order to satisfy the W3C XHTML Validator.

2013/07/22 Added the CzechoSlovakian introduction brochure!

2013/07/01 Debugged some javascript code preventing enlarged pictures from showing up.

2013/06/16 Updated the That was then, this is now page with photos from Renault Magazine 44, Quattroruote, brochures and press photos.

2013/06/06 Added a That was then, this is now page, showing old photos in their contemporary context. To be worked on as I have a couple of French and Spanish locations too. Still working on adding Google Streetview pictures.

2013/04/12 Added an Swedish lawnmower picture to the Spot the Difference section.

2013/04/11 Added an Argentinian picknick scene.

2013/04/10 Added a small page describing the 1961 introduction to dealers, press and public.

2013/04/02 Split the 1968-1993 advertisement section into 1968-1974 (chrome grille) and 1975-1993 (plastic grille) parts.

2013/03/27 Added the PDF of the 4L Magazine article about the Spanish brochures.

2013/03/18 Added a rather sober page about press photos.

2013/02/11 Added two remarkable Parisienne advertisements to the Spot the difference. Added a Danish picknick scene.

2013/01/05 Added several tens of brochures to the Select brochure page.

2013/01/04 Added manipulated pictures of a Schneider advertisement.

2013/01/02 Added a page about R4 in Renault Magazine between 1961 and 1968.

2013/01/10 Changed a lot of irritating href's opening new windows for popups

2012/12/16 Added Argentinian horses to the Animals page and a new Picknick scene.

2012/11/29 Reinstalled the updated Animals page (Boerammetje thanks for hosting), and created a new Picknick page. Added some pictures to the Spot the difference section about beaches, quarries, families and photographers

2012/11/26 Updated the Wanted section. Added the 1964 Furgoneta brochure.

2012/07/08 Added the lyrics to two of the argentinian videos

2012/06/07 Added the small 1964 Spanish introduction and 1973 Spanish FSA brochures.

2012/03/06 Added the 1980 French and UK brochures to the spot the difference section.

2012/02/13 Added the PDF of the 4L Magazine article about the trip Madrid - Holland.

2011/10/30 Added the English text of the 4L Magazine article about the trip Madrid - Holland.

2011/10/12 Added the black and white version of the Australian 1962 leaflet.

2011/08/15 Added some photos showing details of my R1125TL.

2011/06/14 Added about 20 Spanish advertisements I found on the ABC website, as well as 2 German, 2 argentinian and 1 Dutch advertisements.

2011/05/30 Added two more Greek advertisements of 1966 and 1969

2011/05/28 Added the Swedish 1969 and small Spanish 1966 and Danish 1973 brochures

2011/05/20 Added more advertisments to the Pub finder. Now over 350! Removed the Animals sections because of disk space shortage.

2011/05/18 Added advertisements that I found on the web to the Pub finder.

2011/05/15 Added the Pub finder.

2011/04/01 Added the Brochure finder: select a country and period to see what brochures were published.

2011/03/01 Added the How old is... page for quickly dating an R4 on outer details.

2011/02/05 Added the Youtube video about the trip from Spain to the Netherlands in my 1971 FASA Furgoneta Sobre-elevada.

2011/01/14 Restyled the FASA pages: FASA turismo, FASA Furgoneta, the pages about my R1125TL and my R2108S, and the FASA brochures page.

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